Chiana remake

The last pictures I’d taken for the makeup for Chiana, from Farscape, weren’t great quality so I decided it was about time to give it another atempt. This was also asked by my friends to do an unedited picture. I used the same methods as last time, put more shading on the collar bone for definition and  taken the picture in different lighting:


Halloween Costumes

This halloween 08 – i know it might be sad to some of you but i call it planning in advance, since purple suits are hard to get hold of for men – my boyfriend and I are going to be dressed as the terrible twosome
Joker and Harley Quinn

I’m sorted with my costume for Harley already and the makeup looks more or less easy. hmm red or black lipstick? …or combination of both?

I’ve been looking around and found that the Dark Knight Joker makeup looks awesome and stays more true to the actual joker character. Don’t get me wrong Jack Nicolson was good at the role but he looked like really camp. I don’t really know if my bf will suit the makeup i need to do a test run for it.


So tonight I practised doing the makeup with what I’ve got on myself to see if I could pull off the makeup.

pic 11


I want this halloweens costumes to rock!!!

plus if you have any idea where we can get purple jacket/trousers for men then please let us know! Otherwise we’ll have to think of something else to do.