Cake Yo!

I was browsing the internet today, the idea of having a video game themed party intruiged me. Not that it’s anyones birthday yet but I’d thought it would be fun! Anyway..browsing the interweb and came across a cool website that gives you ingredients on how to make different game themed goodies.  Anything from moogle cupcakes, pac man sugar cookies, x-box 360 cake and lots of other random treats :

Also came across a few others randomly found whilst looking through google, thought I’d put some pics up because they’re awesome!!!


Visual Kei

Among Jrock (Japanese rock music) I discovered about a year ago, a movement called ‘Visual Kei’ which I was instantly drawn to. The movement itself is effectively boy bands which dress in an eccentric way and wear lots of makeup. There is more to it than that though in case you were wondering! The music is a sub-genre of Jrock but contains it own unique sound with ranges from metal, punk, glam rock and goth rock, also the influence of western culture. Their image which is equally important to them as their music or even more so. They have crazy hairstlyes, dress in what some people would say ‘costumes’ (but I find the clothing is very elaberate) and wear interesting makeup and,some but not all, wear eye contacts.

The first few bands I came across were Dir En Grey, Luna Sea and Malice Mizer. Their names are popular over in the UK aswell. As I starting looking more into Visual Kei i found myself liking bands such as Alice Nine, Hyde, The Gazette and a band which I truly love DIO – Distraught Overlord.

Distraught Overlord

Distraught Overlord

Distraught Overlord are from Tokyo. They’re one of the best heavy bands I’ve heard so far from Japan and was really impressed with their look too. They have quite a thrashy sound to them with occasional growling (which is good I don’t like too much growly stuff) and rounded off by abit of melody with the vocals. Yay for Mikaru! (lead singer). With the release of their singles and mini albums they’ve been increasingly more popular and have been travelling around europe alot and hopefully get to see them in London *fingers crossed*

Mikaru - vocalist from DIO

Mikaru - vocalist from DIO

Heres a video of the first DIO song i got into, Garasu No Umi:-

I don’t have much else to say, apart from if you haven’t already checked Visual Kei out go! what have you got to loose!