Halloween costumes update

As you know, for those who read the last blog, I was making a Dark Knight Joker costume.

Well thats been totally scrapped now as this halloween is going to be ruined by everyone wearing the same Joker costume. So just to be that little bit different I’m currently making a straitjacket similar to the Joker in the animated TV series ‘The Batman’. I just hope there are fans out there which will notice!


It’s nearly finished with a few personal touches of my own and also adjustments to the sleeves because of design issues. It’s challenging bringing an animated character to life given the limitations but it should be interesting to see once it’s all done, especially with the make up and hair.

My Harley Quinn costume is sorted as I mentioned in the last blog, all i need now is the mask. The original I got was too big so I cut it down to size to fit my face. So I’ll use that as a base, I’ve got some left over thin pvc I thought I’d put to good use and glue it to my face.  I just recently bought some really strong prosthetic adhesive but slightly worried as the girl I bought it from said that I may need to wipe the excess off with surgical spirits…sounds like fun

I’ll put up some more pics up when its finished!