Play School

Another children’s TV show. It’s the predecessor of Playdays and bares a lot of simlilarities. I vaguely remember it because it ran through until the 80s but it was a classic. It started in 1964 – 1988 and was broadcasted around the world. It was big in the Uk and Canada and New Zealand and Austrailia had their own versions of the show. This is just one of several opening themes to the UK version :-

It was educational and encouraged children to sing a long to the songs and dance. Here’s a good example one of the videos I found on jelly, which made me laugh:-



I remember watching this in my childhood and always rushing to the TV to watch it. Playdays was a children’s television program on CBBC that was designed to educate. It ran from 1988 – 1997.

The presenters were good but what I loved most about the show is that it had puppets as the main characters. A cat called Poppy, a rag doll named Peggy Patch and Why Bird. The most memorable part of it is the introduction with the Playdays bus driving along to the theme song and stops at the bus stop.

The program ran a few days a week but it’s insperational because it encouraged children to participate in the act of play and learning new things. Depending on the day there was different activities, such as pictures for stories, songs and music, creating something to do with the current show’s theme. The best activities involved using shapes to develop problem solving abilities, making objects with various materials, and themes where pretending to be something and acting it out. For example in one episode the characters pretend to be ‘cooks’ and make paper meals.