Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars 1988

I’m a big fan of retro games and i currently downloaded this as a rom for my Sega Master System emulator. As I’ve previously played  Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986) and Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, which are both hugely addictive games, I found this game to be a disappointment. It’s a cutesy platform game with sickly bright colours. Although the style of it is somewhat quirky, it lacks actual game play unlike it’s predecessor.


The game doesn’t seem to have a life system, where as if you get hit or fall down a hole it would usually result in some form of damage or death/lose a life. Instead you lose ‘time’. It’s a bit of a strange concept which I can’t really figure out how it fits with the game?? In Miracle World you pick up interesting items such as  rings which shoot fire balls, you get to drive a helicopter or a car. Lost Stars lacks the sophistication of any kind of weaponry, except what appears to be a gust of wind (well that’s what the pixels look like). The only thing I found entertaining about the game is the weird sound effect you get when you get hit by something…it’s quite funny XD


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