Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper is a designer for title sequences for motion pictures and also game intros. Motion pictures such as Spawn (1997), Mimic (1997), Sphere (1998 ) and some of the more famous such as Dawn of the Dead (2004) and the Spiderman trilogy (2002 – 2007). One of the most inspiring intros I’ve seen is at the beginning of a film called Se7en (1995), which features a dark scene in an office where vague scattered newspaper cuttings and information is being acquired and stored by a serial killer/mad man. The man also scrapes the end of his fingers so that he has no finger prints.  Kyle created the fonts used by the use of mirrors, distorting ink in water numerous amounts of times and overlaying them to get the scratchy, jumpy effect. This scene also features the song ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails which was remixed by Coil and Danny Hyde for the opening of the film.

Another good intro from the game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I like the way the credit type moves around the screen like a snake!

He also created the flip book logo scene for Marvel films


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