James Jarvis

Jarvis is a British illustrator and toy designer and his known for his unique characters and their unusual backgrounds. After achieving a Masters in Illustration from attending the Royal College of Art in London, he started his career as a freelance Illustrator. That changed when his Japanese friend suggested designing toys. He worked for a London based fashion company called Silas designing vinyl toys in 1998 and now owns his own company designing characters. At an early age he was inspired by classical cartoons such as Tin tin, Popeye, Rupert the Bear, The Tale of Peter and the Rabbit and even the work of Dr. Sues. He spent most of his childhood drawing and I think this was hugely beneficial towards even the most recent of his work, mainly because it inspires his ideas and allows him to progress. I admire his determination constantly trying to improve his work, taking in to consideration what he did in his previous pieces and building on that driving himself further.
Ozzy Osbourne

His work is not particularly to my taste but i find it’s refreshing because of the unintentional use of humor that gives it an optimistic feel. Although some of the characters seem ridiculous, he takes himself very seriously in his work.

World Of Pain Exhibition

In 2000 he held an exhibition called ‘World of Pain’ at PARCO Gallery in Tokyo and then in Nagoya, displaying created worlds for his characters for Silas. Looking at his work i much prefer his non-linear drawings to the vinyl toys. I like the fact the illustrations are detailed but still have the element of freedom without the images being too tight.



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