Comica – London International Comics Festival

5 to 26th November 2009 –

Some business cards I picked up:

business cards

Philip Spence

Ninja Bunny mini comic with model of the character and the artist’s flyer.

Can find more of his artwork at

Ninja Bunny

Ninja Bunny comic

Willy MJ

Flyer design – one of Will’s characters “Eekeemoo” from “Eekeemoo and the the singing stone” comic.

Eekeemoo flyer

Limited print signed by the artist:

Signed print

A postcard I got from the shop:


Marc Ellerby


Other great comics I picked up from London:

The next two graphic novels of Nightmare & Fairytales by Serena Valentino and Requiem by Pat Mills.


Pages from Requiem graphic novel, artwork by Oliver Ledroit:

Pictures that were taken around London that day (click to enlarge)



Chiana remake

The last pictures I’d taken for the makeup for Chiana, from Farscape, weren’t great quality so I decided it was about time to give it another atempt. This was also asked by my friends to do an unedited picture. I used the same methods as last time, put more shading on the collar bone for definition and  taken the picture in different lighting:

Fable 2 Concept Art

I was looking through some of the concept art from Fable 2 which is equally as impressive as the in game screenshots. I love the fact their concepts are very elaborative in terms of decoration, detail and in depth character and creature development. Click the images to enlarge them.

Fable 2

I just recentley got in to playing Fable 2 which is an action role playing game on the Xbox 360 and I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful, british based fantasy game I’ve played up to date. The scenary is rich and the character concepts are amazing and are really detailed.

Below are some in game screenshots which I thought were nice (click the image to enlarge).

Lionhead Studios are the U.K. based team that created this game which has won various awards at E3, IGN, Gamespot and numerous others and more recently obtained a BAFTA  for “Best Action Adventure”.


The Owl & the Pussycat

The finalised version of the Owl and the Pussycat poem by Edward Lear. My illustration for a childrens animal poem brief for uni.

Owl and the Pussycat

Uploads of development pics will be put up soon…


Chiana character from a sci-fi tv show called Farscape.



Used white snazaroo with black blended for the makeup and details. I tied the back of my hair up to alter the length and changed the picture to black and white because my hair was bright red.





Halloween costumes update

As you know, for those who read the last blog, I was making a Dark Knight Joker costume.

Well thats been totally scrapped now as this halloween is going to be ruined by everyone wearing the same Joker costume. So just to be that little bit different I’m currently making a straitjacket similar to the Joker in the animated TV series ‘The Batman’. I just hope there are fans out there which will notice!


It’s nearly finished with a few personal touches of my own and also adjustments to the sleeves because of design issues. It’s challenging bringing an animated character to life given the limitations but it should be interesting to see once it’s all done, especially with the make up and hair.

My Harley Quinn costume is sorted as I mentioned in the last blog, all i need now is the mask. The original I got was too big so I cut it down to size to fit my face. So I’ll use that as a base, I’ve got some left over thin pvc I thought I’d put to good use and glue it to my face.  I just recently bought some really strong prosthetic adhesive but slightly worried as the girl I bought it from said that I may need to wipe the excess off with surgical spirits…sounds like fun

I’ll put up some more pics up when its finished!